TRULY OUTRAGEOUS! 1.3 – June 10, 1996

TRULY OUTRAGEOUS! 1.3 – June 10, 1996



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Re: TRULY OUTRAGEOUS! 1.2  [Christy Marx]




Here we are with another digest already, and it’s only been about

two days!  I think it’s safe to say that “We’re Off And Runnin'”

now!  🙂

I wanted to let you know that fellow list member Pam Green’s Jem

homepage, which is devoted to the dolls and merchandise, has just

been included in the YAHOO! search engine.

The address for Pam’s page is:

I highly recommend this page for those of you looking for more

information on the dolls and merchandise.

Speaking of search engines, I’ve been submitting the URL for the

mailing list’s homepage (including YAHOO!), and I’m still waiting

for responses.  I think that getting the list’s website onto the search

engines would be great publicity for the list.

I think that’s about it for this issue’s Administrator’s Note.  Just

keep up the good posts you’ve been submitting, and I’ll talk to you

again in TRULY OUTRAGEOUS! 1.4!  🙂




HI, my name is Kathy!

Like my dear friend, Jeanie, I have never *seen* a Jem video, but

still love the dolls tremendously!  I have recently obtained a sheet

on how to change their batteries, and manipulate Glitter and Gold

JEM’s knees, with the extra joints.  If would like a copy, please

Email me at

I am looking for certain JEM dolls, MIB or NM, loose, and their

boxed/carded outfits too. I have a couple of outfits for trade.

I think this newsletter is getting off to a fabulous start, and I am

printing out all the messages to keep in a notebook for reference.

Glitter and Gold JEM is my FAV, closely followed by Shana and





Not all 24 of the released dolls had cassettes but most of them did.

The dolls without cassette tapes were the three Starlight Girls and

Rock ‘N Curl Jem.

The four Video Madness playsets each came with a cassette tape.

Three tapes were also available from Hasbro as part of mail order

or giveaway deals:

+The first one — containing “Who Is He Kissing?”, “Jealousy” and

“Universal Appeal” (the last from the Misfits) —  was given away at

toy stores when JEM purchases were made in 1985 for a limited time.

This is the only tape I’ve never heard, as I didn’t live near enough to a

participating store.  😦

+Another tape featuring “Glitter and Gold,” “Back in Shape,” and the

first year Jem theme was mail-order only in Spring 1987.

+The last was a full-length tape released in conjuction with CBS

Records in 1987 that was mail-order only.  Besides extended

recordings of “How You Play The Game,” “Rock and Roll is

Forever,” and “Glitter and Gold,” the tape includes music by

Loverboy, Katrina and the Waves, Eddy Grant, the Thompson

Twins, the Fixx, the Jets, Toto, and New Edition.

To my knowledge, that’s all the JEM tapes that were ever available.

Anyone know of any others?

Personally, I set up my boom box and taped the rest through the TV

speaker so I wouldn’t have to watch my tapes all the time 🙂




Hi Jem junkie’s!

Wow!  What a great Jem disscussion so far.  I never knew there were

other people out there who enjoyed Jem so much.

Thanks to Christy for writing in to us.  It’s great to know that you

still care about your past work, (not that I thought any different)

enough to take the time to answer any questions we might have.

Maybe with some persistance, and luck, we might be able to get the

show back on the air through our mailing list!

Question, on our trivia segment. If Clash was trying to become the

fifth Misfit, who was the fourth?  When Clash was introducted to the

show, there was only three Misfits, Pizzazz, Roxy, and Stormer.

To whoever wants to exchange material, (there was an inquiry in the

last issue) I would be more than willing to help out.  I live in Chicago,

so we would have to echange info to get in contact with each other.

I am also looking for dolls, music, and episodes that I do not have.

If there are 65 episodes, I really am behind in my material!  I think

I only have aboout 25 to 30 episodes on tape.  But I have to say, the

stuff I have it GREAT!!!

For those of you who wish to get some Jem dolls, I got the name of

a doll collector who has several Jem dolls available (last time I

cheked).  Her name is Lisa, and her e-mail address is

Hope I was able to help!




Hey JEM fans!

I am so glad that there are other JEM fans out there!!:)  I have

been a huge fan of the show forever!! Anyway, I am very interested

in trying to get all the episodes on tape ( I have a bunch already

that I taped when the show was still in syndication on USA network)

so if anyone is interested please LMK and we can trade together!

Also, does anyone know anything about a Rock’n Romance Jem doll?

I  keep hearing rumors but dont know if they are true or not…oh

well, hope to hear from ya:)




Now, here’s a list of songs from the second season that were never

marketed with the dolls…

Jem and the Holograms:

All Across This Country

All’s Right With The World

Always In My Heart

Aztec Enchantment

Beat This

Believe In Yourself

Dear Diary

Everybody Wears A Mask

Falling In Love With A Stranger

Family Is…

First Love

Flowers In My Hair


Happy Ever After

Hollywood Jem

Imagine Me

I’m Takin’ A Train

It Could Be You

It’s Fun To Be Scared

It Takes Work

Jazz Has


Land Of The Midnight Sun

The Last Laugh

Let Me Take You To The Mardi Gras

Let The Music Play

Look Inside Yourself

Love Will Show The Way

Midsummer Night’s Madness

Music And Danse


One Of Those Days

Only Between Me And You

Open A Book

Our Love Makes You Beautiful

The Real Me

Rockin’ Down Through Time

Safe And Sound


Straight From The Heart

Take The Time

Tomorrow Is My Wedding Day

Too Much

To The Rescue

We’re Making It Happen

You Already Know

You’ll Never Win My Love

Jem and the Holograms/The Misfits:

Bad Influence

The Misfits:


Don’t Look Now

Free And Easy

I Like Your Style

I Love A Scandal

I’m Gonna Hunt You Down

Let’s Blow This Town

Listen Up


Star Spangled Fantasy

Top Of The Charts




(Christy Marx)

Here’s some additional behind the scenes information.

NAMES: I was given the basic product names, “Jem/Jerrica”, “Aja”,

“Synergy”, “Kimber”, “Rio”, “Pizazz”, etc.  Everything else was left to

me to make up.  I believe “Jerrica” was the name of someone’s

daughter at the toy company, but it’s been quite a few years, so I’m a

bit vague about that.

For the last names of Jerrica and all the Holograms, I used the last

names of the people who, at that time, were the leading scientists in

the field of holography.

The Starlight Girls, who were entirely my invention, were mostly

named after friends or acquaintances of mine.

BA NEE was named after a real girl.  The actress Ina Balin was one

of two women responsible for air-lifting an orphanage of children to

safety during the fall of Saigon.  Ina adopted two Viet Namese baby

girls.  One of them was named Ba Nee.  I had worked with Ina a few

years earlier during production of a TV movie based on this real life

event, entitled “The Children of An Loc”.  Ina co-starred in it as

herself.  I had tremendous admiration for Ina and used her

daughter’s her name in tribute to her.

MARTIN O’CAROLAN, who turns out to be Ba Nee’s father (in the

sseries), is named after Turlogh O’Carolan, a famous Irish harper of

the 1800’s.  I’m a big fan of Celtic music and used to play the Celtic


ERIC RAYMOND, our villain, is playfully named using the first and

middle names of my brother.  The whole family got a lot of chuckles

out of that.

I’m afraid I don’t remember the names of the actors that did the voices,

with one exception.  When we added the British character of Jetta, I

complained about how much I hated hearing rotten American accents

trying to sound British.  So they promised that I could have the final

say in picking the actress.  I didn’t take them seriously, but to my

surprise, they sent me the final audition tape with five voices on it.  I

could instantly tell that four of the voices were Americans doing

rotten Cockney accents.  The fifth was a genuine Brit.  Plus she

sounded great.  I picked her and they cast her.  Her name is Linda

Dorsey and she’s the daughter of Engelbert Humperdink.

It was round about the second season when the mandate came down

to start reusing existing songs in order to save money.  Believe me, it

can get tricky finding ways to make existing songs fit into a storyline

when the songs were written entirely for some other storyline.  But

that’s why you’ll find so many songs repeated — as a cost-cutting


I have one Jem doll in my possession, and that’s only because my

mother bought it for me when the series aired.  I’ve never actually

seen any of the other dolls at all (except in photos).


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