The TRULY OUTRAGEOUS! JEM Mailing List was founded on June 4, 1996 (at that time, it was simply known as the TRULY OUTRAGEOUS! Mailing List). This mailing list was the first online Jem fan community on the internet. In its early days, subscribers sent me emails, which I collated into digests that I mailed out to everyone on the list. In the late 1990s, the TRULY OUTRAGEOUS! JEM Mailing List became a reflector list that was hosted at Onelist (which was later acquired by Yahoo! Groups), and the list remained active on Yahoo! Groups until December 2016.

On August 15, 2016, I announced the impending closure of the list shortly after it hit its 20th anniversary. As I explained in my announcement, I came to the decision to shut the list down after some soul searching, contemplating changes in internet culture and the fandom, and gathering data and crunching numbers. Fans had been moving away from this list and becoming more actively involved with Jem Facebook groups and other social media outlets, which caused a major decline in traffic on the list. After crunching the numbers from the time period of the rise of the fandom in social media, it became clear that there was only a very small handful of fans still actively participating on the TRULY OUTRAGEOUS! JEM list in any capacity.

After I made the announcement, some members and former members expressed an interest in seeing an archive of the list somewhere on the internet because there’s a lot of history for the fandom that would be lost otherwise. After seeing this interest in an archive, I decided to undertake the task to make sure it became a reality.